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My life started with a bang in the little town of Preston, Idaho where my mom and I fought for our lives against all odds…and now as I look back on that moment, I know it was just setting the stage for what would be an amazing life full of love and heartache, success and failure, and ultimately one adventure after the next to figure out who I really am and what I was meant to do!

I entered life as the youngest of 6 children with my childhood spent in Idaho Falls, Idaho where I learned how to work…HARD. My grandparents were farmers, my family owned a lawn care business, and playtime happened if and ONLY if the work was done. But I am extremely grateful I grew up that way because I learned how to work from what I wanted, how to dedicate myself to a goal and not stop until I achieved it!

Growing up I LOVED sports and I played all of them, but ultimately soccer would be the love of my life and I was fortunate enough to play Division 1, NCAA soccer at Brigham Young University. I loved the game, the team, the competition but amidst it all, I never lost sight of what I was really after which was my education and my future. That commitment led me to Academic All-American honors and my first internship in marketing.

I loved finding the story in the product and helping to identify what makes each thing unique and special and I would realize later, that the reason that I was so passionate about that, is because that’s the way I see people. Each person unique, special in their own ways, and each person has their own story.

I would go on to spend over 20 years in marketing, working as both an employee and a consultant for over 24 different companies, traveling the world and doing work all over Africa, Europe, SouthEast Asia, the Pacific Islands, and more. I worked with start-up companies just learning the ropes to Billion dollar giants and each time, in the end, it was always the story and the people that made it worth it.

You see, good or bad I am a firm believer that people can accomplish anything and most of the time, the only limiting factor is ourselves! When I was young I thought everyone thought this way…but the more people I’ve met the more I realize that most people have lost site altogether of what they want out of life and why they should fight to achieve it. Even worse, most people have lost the belief that they deserve great things to happen in their life!

The more I worked, the more I longed to reach people, to inspire people, to impact their life and to help them remember and share THEIR story. This launched me into writing a book called What Are You Worth, and making it my life mission to arm people with knowledge and inspiration of who they are, what they are worth, and what they can achieve now and in the future.

I also became a soccer coach, coaching youth for more than 18 years and my favorite part is teaching these young athletes how to apply all that they are learning on the field into their life and drive them to understand their value and believe in their ability to WIN in this life.

I am married to my high school sweetheart, my best friend and the love of my life and as a mother of 4 children I understand that this generation is dealing with pains and struggles that no other generation has had to face. Now more than ever, they need to know how valuable they are….JUST the way they are, without filters, hashtags, and likes.

As a wife, mother, coach, entrepreneur, trainer, and speaker I know what it takes to balance life and business, with goals and passion and it CAN be done, and success and happiness are available in ALL aspects of life.

I have now spoken to audiences in more than 24 countries around the world totaling over half a million people and I want that to be just the beginning. I want to reach as many people as. I want that because the world needs the message I have to share, it is time to reach your maximum potential by remembering how amazing you really are!



Direct Sales/Network Marketing

Keynote Speaker, Sales Training, Personal Development

Over 20 years of experience working with direct sales and network marketing companies speaking at international conventions, regional events, product launches, and recognition and incentive trips. Some companies include: Rodan & Fields, Doterra, NuSkin, United Games, ASEA, Financial Education Systems, LivElite, Max International, Kuvera, Syntek Global, TruVision, and more.


Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Professional Development

Over 10 years of experience working with various organizations inside of schools and school districts including student body assemblies, district meetings, professional development meetings, as well as association meetings. Some of these various groups include: Principles, District administrators, nurses, mechanics, food services, teachers, student athletes, and more.

Medical Professionals

Keynote Speaker, Continuing Education (CE) Trainer, Professional Development

Speaking and working with medical professionals in multiple areas of emphasis including dentists, chiropractors, anesthesiologists, family practitioners, orthopedics, surgeons and more.

Youth Organizations

Speaker, Coach, Motivator

Over 23 years of experience working with youth in various organizations including summer camps, religious organizations, student body associations, clubs, athletic organizations, youth leadership groups, and more.


Brigham Young University


Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing Communications with a minor educational emphasis on Business Finance.

Academic All-American honors


I speak on a wide range of topics depending on the company or organization and their needs. My marketing and sales background provide an ability to dive into various types of topics, and my passion for success and individual growth fuel keynote presentations.

Team Building
Goals, Capacity, Belief
Unlocking Your Maximum Potential
Socially Awkward - and It’s OK
Finding Your Story
I’m Too Sexy
Building Your Personal Brand Value
Asset Protection & Tax Strategy
Unintentional Duplication


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